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Recent Works

Some of our solutions, made available through our SDKs


Activates and deactivates a beep

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Measure ambient temperature and humidity

Flame sensor

Detect flame sources or other heat sources that have a wavelength between 760 and 1100 nm.

Distance Sensor

Measure distance from a range of 2cm to 4m.

Motion sensor

Through a PIR sensor, capable of detecting the variation of infrared light, within the detection area of up to 7 meters.

Gas Sensor

This gas sensor makes it possible to monitor gases in the environment, such as liquefied petroleum gas, butane, methane, ethanol, etc.


Module responsible for the activation of devices connected to the mains.

Level Sensor

The level sensor functions as an on / off switch, which sends a signal from its HIGH or LOW state

Our Service

Automation-IOT has the following services available:


Application Program Interface


Software Development Kit


Site for control and information


Control and information mobile platform


Geographic location of devices


IOT Device Database