IoT Solutions

Some solutions that can be implemented through our Software Development Kit (SDK) for embedded systems.


Turns on off lamp


Receive GPS Latitude and Longitude information and plot on map

Flame sensor

Detect flame sources or other heat sources that have a wavelength between 760 and 1100 nm.

Motion Detection

Through a PIR sensor, capable of detecting the variation of infrared light, within the detection area of up to 7 meters.

Gas Sensor

This module makes it possible to monitor gases in the environment, such as liquefied petroleum gas, butane, methane, ethanol, co2.

Level Sensor

Through this module it is possible to carry out the measurement of cistern and / or water box


Module responsible for measuring the temperature of the environment.


Module responsible for measuring ambient humidity.

We do not have and do not market ready-made solutions but this reality can change at any moment, we are looking for partnerships that it is possible to initially enable the following types of products:

Vehicle Tracking or Valuable Loads

Use of our platform for tracking and control, with interface to several alarms in the market (properly an interface agreement between the IOT device and the alarms). The IOT tracking system would have its basic operation through GPS connected to the GSM network (SIM of cellular operators), where in addition to the axonal monitoring, we would have an effective control over the vehicle.

Nowadays, the growing demand for violence and the way vehicular and cargo security is done leaves much to be desired. Trackers that are installed in cars and loads, do not have a direct action of the user on them, making the system with failures.

Features provided by our platform:

All such actions could be done remotely by the user in our dashboard or APP.

Temperature and humidity control of products in stock

Use of our platform to monitor temperature, humidity or any other pertinent information, automatically and managerially, for products that are highly sensitive to climate change. Dispensing face-to-face measurement by reducing costs and streamlining the process of monitoring inventory air-conditioning through remote monitoring and control, preceding catastrophic events such as temperature variation in environments that need to be in a fixed and correct value.

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